Texting with my Bestfriend

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Texting is something I do almost all day, every day. I text different people throughout the day for different reasons. I might text my dad for money, or text my friend with questions regarding homework or simply text someone for entertainment. With that being said, I have noticed that with every single person that I do text with, I have a different way of texting every one of them individually. To be more specific, I would like to analyze someone that I text on an everyday basis and arguably might have the most unique texting style with. That individual is my best friend Zack, we text every day till late at night and as soon as I wake up, I reply to his text or send a new message to start a new conversation. Some characteristics of the way we text are the words we tend to use. To be more specific, we use words that only we would possibly understand because it is our own unique style of communicating. We might use phrases like “boo bye” and “nah b”. This is due to us being comfortable with one another, and it shows how we have chosen to direct with one other within our interactions. Since I do text Zack literally 24/7 my messages tend to be short whenever I don’t have much to say or long when I really have something to tell him. This is something that I don’t do very often with others because I only trust a few people and Zack being my best friend means I literally text him about everything. We don’t really use emojis, but instead, we use gifs. This shows our comic side, and with the gifs, we are able to express what we mean or feel more precisely than what we would be able to with an emoji. We are very direct to each other, so that means that several cuss words are said and we might even be bulgar. The way I text with Zack, I could not possibly text with anyone else because a strong bond is necessary for me and that is something I only share with Zack. Vise Versa, Zack texts me different than he would text his homeboys because we have different things that we talk about. His personality has a lot to do with the way he texts every person he knows so that might also be a reason we communicate so well because we are very similar.


Odell Beckham Jr. The Possible Trade Bait


My thoughts on Odell Beckham Jr. is that he has potential but he is trying to much to be recognized while being with the New York Giants. He is a good wide receiver that was given a chance after he was drafted but personally I believe it is time for him be traded with a different team. With the 5 year contract that he just signed, he is implying that he has the capacity to save the franchise. The Giants are in desperate change, and Odell is not the solution. Over the last months, his desire to stay with the Giants is very questionable, considering that he says the opposite. With the contract that he just signed his deal is of $95 million dollars, $65 million of which are guaranteed. The Giants have received decent offers and instead of rejecting them, the franchise should have given it a second thought if Odell is worth that much money.  Trading Odell would not be a shock because the team needs to focus on rebuilding instead of wasting money on a player that has not made a difference for the last couple of years.

His behavior on and off the field has created media scrutiny. Odell has broken several records with the Giants like the number of receptions and his famous one-hand touchdown.But his time there, in my opinion, is done. He should focus on his career instead of the financial aspect. Although he may deny it so, there is no good reason for him to defend his deal. Odell is a very famous football player that has a great sense of style. His millions of Instagram followers, support him and after commenting on several of his posts I realized that a popular comment was “come to the Pats”, “come to the Cowboys” making me understand the desire of a change from many football fans that follow him. After doing some research I have been able to learn a bit more about Odell and therefore I feel like I will continue to learn about him. He is very involved in social media and I mostly heard of him because he was rumored to be dating Zendaya but had never realized he was a football player. Regardless, Odell Beckham should do himself a favor and leave the Giants.



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Analyzing a Political Discourse Community

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What is a discourse community? For the purpose of this report, the word choice used specifically by Republicans and Democrats helps to explain their opposing views with a specific issue. A modern issue is very interesting to analyze is healthcare, conservatives use the term “an earned privilege” and liberals use “a human right”. Generally speaking, a discussion always seems to arise when the issue of health care is discussed. For the most part, political parties are selective with their word choice because they want to resonate their beliefs and what they stand for. For Democrats, “a human right” is the phrase they use because Democrats are progressive. The “left” side beliefs everyone should be provided with basic health care. The word choice “human” implies that it is a necessity of any human. This suggests that access to health care should be accessible regardless of income. Democrats believe there should be prioritization, for the people and not the economic aspect of this issue. In addition, the word “right” suggests that all humans are entitled to health care. With this phrase, Democrats tend to advocate healthcare as a universal right instead of a privilege. Considering the wealth of this country, it does not seem irrational to advocate for accessible health care. Fundamentally there is something wrong with this issue if it is based on income. Democrats are more progressive and understand that times are changing and this should be an obligation of the government to handle. In contrast, the “right side”, Republicans, use the phrase “an earned privilege”. Republicans tend to use this phrase because they believe medical care is a commodity, and should not be considered a right. Conservatives choose to incorporate the economic aspect of healthcare because with accessible health care. funds would not last for long. By definition, the word “privilege” is a special right. In other words, Republicans believe if healthcare can be afford then it should be a right to have access to it. Their opposition with liberals lies with conservative belief that every American adult should be responsible for his or her own health instead of blaming this on government. As for me, I would I like the phrase “a human right” because no human should ever jeopardize their healths simply because they don’t have the necessary funds to pay for medical care. This is an issue that each party believes in solving differently due to their beliefs and that can be seen through each phrase.

What Discourse Community Do You Belong In?


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I had always believed that I belonged to a group that shared the same values and beliefs as me but, never realized there was an actual term to name that relation until I came across the term discourse communities. By definition, it is a group of people that share a set of discourses. However, that is not the entire concept and just like John Swales explains, there exist six general characteristics that of a discourse community and that made me think of the different discourse communities I belong to. Therefore, I would like to talk about the discourse community I have at my job and the one I have at home with my family. I specifically chose these communities because I have the majority of my interactions take place within both environments. For my job, I would consider this a discourse community because my job emphasizes team at all extent and within that community, I have my coworkers, both the ones I like and the ones I do not. This is a discourse community because phrases like “Have Fun Fly Safe” is not something that can simply be understood without having to give context information. This is just one of the few things only my coworkers and I would understand because we work at Skyzone Trampoline Park and it is a rule we tell every jumper because we are constantly persuaded by corporate to promote excitement and safety. There exist that communication through different interactions that have happened which makes the members of that community expert of what is being said. Another example would be, “you lean, you leave” in other words what this means is that if a team member is seen leaning and not being interactive they would be sent home. This is something that anyone not belonging to that community would not understand without a proper explanation. Likewise, the other discourse community I belong to is my family and that in itself is self-explanatory. This community consists of my father, mother, 3 brothers, and myself. Every family has its individual bond and a form of communication that easily helps to form that idea of community. In this case, an example of what we say that only my family would understand is “ya llego la perrona” which translates to the badass has arrived. At first, those that are not part of my family would be a bit confused and that is understandable because again it is not expected for others to understand. If I chose to explain, I would clarify that it simply means that the truck has arrived, my family and I decided to nickname my Dad’s truck “perrona” because from afar we can hear the truck arriving. In addition, another example is “donde esta el Casillas” which in my family we are simply referring to where is my younger sibling, his name is not Casillas but you would not know that unless I explained it. He was nicknamed Casillas because he was born the year Spain won the World Cup and my dad being the soccer fanatic he was, he decided to name him Iker after the famous goalie Iker Casillas. Ever since he goes by Casillas because that is the name of the soccer player. In conclusion, within each discourse community, there is a built mechanism that each member that is part of that community understands. It is specifically true within ourselves to try to find where we think we belong to and what it is that connects that community.

My First Colle​ge Narrative Paper

I was aware, my professor was going to challenge us with every writing assignment but, little did I know the simplicity of this narrative yet how complex I could make it. When Professor Tinajero first mentioned the assignment, I thought it was going to be difficult because I had to write about four different points within my essay while at the same time connecting them to how communication and language affect my interactions. I began this process by writing down the outline that he wanted us to follow. By the next class, we needed to have read a sample essay he provided on Blackboard, something I did not do. As well as, have our outline done, so I filled my outline with the different subpoints that he suggested would help. I honestly, did not give my outline the attention I would have hoped for, so when I started to write my essay I struggled more than I should have had too. The following class he gave us class time to work on our essays, I decided to do the code switching section as well as the introduction which I was not able to finish. The day before the essay was due, I had been released from my Math class an hour earlier so I decided to start my actual paper at around 2pm. I decided to print out my outline and rubric sheet that way I had everything in front of me when I was working. The first word on my paper was my name and that lead to the header. My ideas were not coming together so I decided to stop and read the sample paper once again. I was struggling with most of my essay but surprisingly my outline seemed to help me more than I expected. I continued non-stop throughout the night and finally finished by 1am. Before printing out my paper I had my suit-mate proofread it for any mistakes since she was still awake as well and then I used Grammarly to do a final check. I was very positive of the outcome of my essay but waited till the following morning to print it out and turn in my first college narrative paper.

What To Do When a Friendship No Longer Works

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There always comes a point when friendships “die down” which means creating a certain distance. It is always hard, to end a friendship but what is even more difficult, is the way one choses to approach the situation. Based on “Your Escape Plans” Issue, the scenario that gives the best advice is ‘End a Friendship’. It gives an honest advice, that could help avoid future issues and aligns with the way society has established the perception on friendships. In other words, it is better to be indirect, it makes things less awkward, because ending a friendship is never good thing. Which is why not having to give explanations and letting the communication lessen, can lead to less confrontation. It means not having to be straightforward to that individual, and can allow for a future friendship once again. The advice that is being given by Geoffrey Grelf ” you could create an enemy”, helps us understand the possible repercussions of the action. Especially now, within this society, friendships are important and with access to different social media outlets, allowing for the “hint” to just happen is less risky. It means not having to be honest and there being a less rigid situation to face with in the end. It is not uncommon to loose friends, which is why I believe it is a good advice. One doesn’t know how the counterpart will react and dealing with any type of complaints can possible be much more worse than if nothing was said. In conclusion, the advice is good in that it depicts how society currently handles these type of situations because there simply is no necessity to deal with the drama. Which is why socially this escape route could be the most helpful in order to avoid an awkward moment.

English Courses For College Students

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As a student, there was never an escape to what your school year schedule would look like. It consisted of electives and those core classes that were mandatory no matter the situation. In college, it is different to an extent but if there is any course that should always be mandatory is the English courses. To be more specific, within the English department, no matter the major of any student Technical Writing and Writing/Composition should be mandatory courses. These courses should be mandatory because it helps students be prepared for the professional rigor many jobs expect from college graduates, it allows students to retain deeper knowledge over the course and it creates a positive impact within a students academic choices. Choosing a career, and deciding to pursue a field of study means that there needs to be job opportunities but companies and major corporations are no longer just focusing if wether the applicant has what it takes but instead, there is a focus with the professional skills that applicant has and Technical Writing can be very helpful. This course helps with the professional world and that is a reality that many graduates will face because ultimately the degree that was worked hard for needs to pay off and seeking the job that aligns with the degree can be influenced by the professional writing experience that the individual has. Secondly, Writing/Composition course should be mandatory because it allows for students to better their academic writing, a skill that benefits any individual no matter the field of study. This allows for the student to gain more knowledge on how to write at a professional level. Lastly, it simply leads to a contribution of a students academic choices in that, it should not just be considered an English related course but instead a course that aids other subjects because English enables an easier understanding of what is aimed to be learned. In conclusion, there is a necessity of English courses in specifically Technical Writing and Writing/Composition because it does affect the professional skills a student can gain and the knowledge one can grasp through a course that should positively affect students since it is a course related subject that students have been exposed through many stages of the education system.

An Arising Debate With A Type Of Handwriting

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There are many ways to express yourself and one way is through writing and  incorporating cursive handwriting is a style that elementary students should be exposed to at a young age. Cursive handwriting isn’t easy to learn but once the skill is gained, being able to apply that on a regular basis can be more beneficial than a negative to the student. It exposes them to a different style of writing that can help them in the long run because it is considered a type of font that is perceived as professional.If elementary student students can learn that skill isn’t a setback because it gives them a better presentation in many aspects of their future endeavors. Secondly, being skillful is ultimately what can help an individual to set themselves apart from others, and if that skill is learned at a young age, there is more practice involved and can lead to an almost certain perfection at a second person taught skill. Lastly, cursive handwriting involves technique that can also enable an affect within the elementary student’s current handwriting and could lead to better handwriting that seems more adequate with the current grade they are in. Even though, many might argue that it just might create more difficulties for the student, this can be argued to the extent of how many elementary schools have chosen to teach their students this skill because it is helpful. Therefore, elementary schools should teach cursive writing because the pros of that skill are much greater then the cons and being exposed to different handwriting styles at a young age trigger an interest to young minds that only wish to learn new skills in an everyday basis.